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     Return to Friday Farm is a 36 hour continuous event.  You will be in the field the entire event.  We will be representing a company of the 3/503 173rd Abn.  THIS EVENT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!  You will be required to carry all of your equipment with you.  There will be no returning to the car or a hotel.  If you’re not able to do that please don’t come (You have a year to get in shape and prepare for this event). The event will be providing water and one ration re supply Saturday evening.  All participants will be required to operate in an organized company.  You will be assigned a squad and platoon and will be expected to function in that squad (pards will not be separated).  Rank will be assigned according to the number of men your group brings.  Authenticity standards will be strictly enforced.  You will be inspected before the event.  If your impression has issues you will be given an opportunity to fix the issues.  If you are unable to do that you will be asked to leave.  Please take the time to go over the authenticity standards and make sure you are good to go.  We don’t want to ask anyone to leave but we absolutely will.  

     Authenticity standards will be coming soon along with pictures of the guiding impression.