Quality WWI French reproductions and more

la Soupe

For the Newville event April 20-22, here's what the menu looks like:

    Friday - Dinner:  Potato & bacon soup

    Saturday - Breakfast:  Rice porridge (WITHOUT raisins)

    Saturday - Dinner:  Beef soup

Cost:  $20 per man for all three meals & coffee/tea service.  Preferred registration by unit, but individual registrations accepted also.  Paypal funds by April 15 to cuvedenourriture@gmail.com, noting unit number (or name of individual, for singles) in transaction details.

Unit # (or individual's name):

As before, meals will be hot, tasty, nutritious, and as historically accurate as possible while maintaining 21st century food safety standards. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate special requests or menu revisions.

Direct any inquiries to cuvedenourriture@gmail.com