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Frogsacks is currently working on the following projects! 

-Reproduction WW1 French shelter halves.  We estimate they will be available September 1st - 15th
-Reproduction WW1 French blankets with correct chain stitching (We have the blankets and are currently working on getting the chain stitch embroidery machine up and running) estimate September 1st - 15th
-Reproduction WW1 Drawers.  Estimate January 1st 2021
-Reproduction WW1 French ersatz pelle pioche covers.  Estimate January 1st
-Reproduction WW1 German Gummi masks.  Estimate January 1st - April 1st 2021
-Reproduction WW1 German Spare filter cans.  Estimate April 1st 2021

Stay tuned.  Please e-mail and let us know if there's anything else you'd like, and we'll see what we can do.