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Reproduction WW1 French Shelter Half

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1915 Ersatz shelter halves.  The variation in WW1 French shelter halves is almost beyond comprehension.  They were made in every color from a dark tan to white and everything in between.  The regulation / contract stated that they were to be 160cm per side.  Of the 12 wartime shelter halves we have in the collection not one of them is 160cm nor do the button holes match up on them lol`.  The pre war shelter halves are fairly consistent as are the late war 1917 / 18 dated examples.  Anything manufactured in 1915 / 16 is inconsistent at best.  This was a result of unscrupulous contractors as well as a shortage of materials.  It was well known that the shelter half was going to serve 3 functions: rain cape, sun shade and burial shroud.  What you don't commonly see is them being used as shelter halves.  Bunker door covers, pegged to the trench wall yes, tent not so much.

     This run of shelter halves is on the shorter side and consistent with the mid war shelter half.  They are absolutely correct and representative of a mid war tent cloth.  They are absolutely serviceable as a rain cape etc.  They can be buttoned together to make a tent.  This is a one time run of 1915 shelter halves to coincide with the rest of the ersatz gear that we make.  As with the originals, Frogsacks shelter halves will button up with other Frogsacks shelter halves.  They are not guaranteed to button up with any other reproduction or original shelter half.  Poles and pegs are not included in this run but are available on this site.  These come in “kit” form (you get to sew on the buttons)